Computer in Libraries 2010

Michael Porter, David Lisa and Bob Beck

Our illustrious Guild Leader Librarette aka Libraryman aka Michael Porter participated in a presentation at Computers in Libraries this week. Joined by Bob Beck and David Lisa, the presentation was entitled Bridging Community Research, Skill-Building, & Entertainment with World of Warcraft & Libraries. They discussed a bit about WoW, about how to implement the game in a library setting, and even something about our very own guild. You can read a full report over at

And to anyone who attended the presentation and is now interested in joining with us, you are most welcome. We have gained a number of new members over the past few months and while we aren’t quite up to scheduling events yet, we have had several great opportunities to put together adhoc groups.

Author: Melvyl

Melvyl is the co-GM of the Librarians and Libraries guild. You can often find him healing in a party somewhere. If you don't see him on, he may very well be playing an alt.

1 thought on “Computer in Libraries 2010”

  1. Mel! Thanks so much for posting this! You rock! I also gave you at least two shout outs byname from the podium as you have been such a rock for the guild. Also mentioned Rosz as well and even showed a pic of her and I together in game and in person.

    I think we’ll put the slides up soon and we should be sure to post them here too!

    Also, my friend Christa too a GREAT pic of the three of us on stage and we are clearly pretty happy to be a guild of sort in RL, talking about WoW and libraries. It was a TON of fun for sure. Wish you could have been there with us, my man!


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