Conquering Karazhan

Prince Malchezaar

Our recent Blackwing Lair experience was very successful so we are making a move up to Burning Crusade and the legendary home of the mad sorcerer, Medhiv. We are going to Karazhan.  Come join us as we work our way through one of the most colorful and fantastic instances in WoW and face off with the evil
Prince Malchezaar.

Anyone with a character 70 or above who can be on at 1:00 pm server time (4:00 pm Eastern) is welcome.

Epilogue: We didn’t have a massive turnout but as it turns out, 5-6 pretty well-geared 80s can do a lot of damage in Kara. The Chess Game was actually the trickiest part, but we got through that and punched the Prince in the face.

Author: Melvyl

Melvyl is the co-GM of the Librarians and Libraries guild. You can often find him healing in a party somewhere. If you don't see him on, he may very well be playing an alt.

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