Using WoW for professional development

Showing the 24 June seminar Professional in the Ironforge Library

You are invited to participate in a series of occasional talks which have started in the Saurfang realm.  Each month a different speaker will talk, using IM, about games and libraries.  The first speaker in this series was Shawn McCann, Digital Projects Librarian at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.  A full transcript of this talk can be seen here.

To participate in the talks you just need to have an Alliance toon in Saurfang.  Guild chat is used for the talks, so you need to join the Where is the library guild.  This can be done just before the talks take place by whispering to Franticread for an invite.

The next speaker in the series is Craig Anderson. For more information about upcoming talks, including times see the Games and libraries wiki.

These talks follow on from a seminar which was held in WoW earlier this year and featured Liz Danforth, Scott Nicholson, Adam Beck and Peggy Sheehy as presenters.  You can see a transcript of the seminar here Liz Danforth has written a blog post about this for Games, gamer & gaming.

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