rugame for 2011

rugame is back in 2011 with a series of exciting talks about libraries, education and games.

The year starts with your stories. How are you using games at your library? This will be a quick information sharing session. Then we move into a reading discussion, inspired by the new worgan toons and the summer reading theme in Australia which is Scare up a good book #suagb. You don’t have to be in Australia to benefit from this discussion. Just read a scary book and come along ready to discuss it.

This is a great opportunity to bring ideas along and have people help you develop them further. You might even find someone to collaborate with on your ideas.

Your toon will need to join the guild as well – so whisper Franticread (who will be online an hour before the scheduled start of the discussion).

The talks will tale place 9.00am Australian Eastern Daylight Time.  Note: for North American participants this talk will take place 12 January in the afternoon or evening – 2.00pm Pacific time

The talks are held in the Ironforge Library, Saurfang realm of World of Warcraft.

Please contact me on with any questions you have about how to do this.

There is information about talks later in the year and transcripts of previous talks.  I hope you can come along and join in the discussion.

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