The KingSlayers

We were a little late to get credited with a World First, but the guild last night executed our first defeat of Arthas Menethil, better known throughout Azeroth as the Lich King. It is definitely a challenging encounter albeit not as challenging as it once was. But a good time was had by all participants: Ailpein, Gwynhefar, Matoaka, Mayrial, Melvyl, Naco, Qyandri, Roszdhu, Sazbot, and Staychyld.

Congratulations on Level 20

I just thought I would take a moment and congratulate everyone of reaching the milestone of Level 20. It has taken a while, but it means we are most of the way through the leveling process. Just 5 levels left.

And a few other bits of news…

Raiding – We have been doing a bit informally on Sundays Nights of late. Largely BC and Wrath Raids, but when we get enough people geared, we are going to make the leap to returning to Cataclysm content. Which brings me to…

Instances – We are putting together a regular schedule of nights set aside to do instancing. It won’t be limited to just maximum level, but it should be a good chance for everyone to run Heroics in a lower-pressure environment.

Social – We had a party planned last month to celebrate the Third Anniversary of the Guild. Unfortunately, it had to be postponed but hopefully it should get rescheduled soon.

If you haven’t logged in lately, feel free to come back. If you haven’t joined us yet, we want you to feel welcome.

Life in a Raiding Guild

Last week was our first attempt at Wrath-style rading. We ventured into Naxxrammus to deal with Patchwerk and with the able assistance of some great substitues, made it through the first five bosses of Icecrown Citadel.

This week, the raid quest was XT-002 which meant for many of us our first trip to Ulduar. We initially brought someone in, but when they left, were able to put together our first-ever 10-man guild group. Participating were Xerac, Buckram, Melvyl, Naco, Kidra, Kardexia, Smarty, Qyandri, Librarette, and Allora. We were successful with Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT-002, and gave Ignius a bit of  a workout. That is a very interesting fight.

Conquering Karazhan

Our recent Blackwing Lair experience was very successful so we are making a move up to Burning Crusade and the legendary home of the mad sorcerer, Medhiv. We are going to Karazhan.  Come join us as we work our way through one of the most colorful and fantastic instances in WoW and face off with the evil
Prince Malchezaar.

Anyone with a character 70 or above who can be on at 1:00 pm server time (4:00 pm Eastern) is welcome.

Epilogue: We didn’t have a massive turnout but as it turns out, 5-6 pretty well-geared 80s can do a lot of damage in Kara. The Chess Game was actually the trickiest part, but we got through that and punched the Prince in the face.

Guild Images for the Computer History Museum

The WoW Libraries and Librarians Guild on Aerie Peak has been asked to contribute an image to both an exhibit and to the archive of the Computer History Museum!  They want an image of a large, diverse group of character in the guild together, posing interestingly.  The more we can get, the more interesting the photo, the better.

They need our screen shots Monday, so we are going to be meeting in-game this Sunday at noon Pacific time to coordinate the fabulous posing and picture taking.

Additionally, If we get over ten people I’ll be giving ot some fabulous in game prizes.  And if you have fabulous things to give away/share bring them too. Once we get the snaps we’ll commence with the goodie giving.  Pretty good chance we may do a run someplace once we get the snaps done too, but the big reason we are meeting is to help a fellow librarian/archivist and get some pretty sweet coverage of libs on the cutting edge of web interface and online community via WoW.

lmk if you have questions,k ?  Hope to see many of you in-game this Sunday!

Extra Life The Marathon

Recalled and Roszmairta did their marathon sessions on Saturday, assisted in part by Questionr and myself. They got to see the wonderful sights of Hellfire Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Scholomance, and a full clear of Stratholme (alas, No Baron Mount). Everyone seems to have a good time and a fair bit of money was raised. Hopefully, next year, we can make it an even bigger and better experience.