Scavenger Hunt in World of Warcraft

This event is being planned for September 18th at 2:00 pm EST (11 am server time).

There is a currently a Facebook event page and a Google Wave for discussion. Everyone who would like is encouraged to participate.

Realm: Aerie Peak

Server Time (Pacific): 11 a.m.

To begin, we will have six categories –

1. Horde: Level 1-30
2. Horde: Level 31-60
3. Horde: Level 61-80

4. Alliance: Level 1-30
5. Alliance: Level 31-60
6. Alliance: Level 61-80

Each category needs one designated leader that will not be a part of the hunt. The leaders will serve as a guide to the groups and judge for winner of this scavenger hunt.

Each category will be divided into groups of 3-10, depending on level of interest.

Originally, we were going to have everyone meet in Shattrath City. To simplify things, our meeting places will be based on your category. See below:

1. Horde: Level 1-30 meet near Mebok Mizzyrix in Ratchet. The leader of this category will be nearby.
2. Horde: Level 31-60 find Michael Garrett in the Undercity. Again, the leader will be nearby.
3. Horde: Level 61-80 meet near Vahgruk in the Burning Steppes, and the leader will be around.

4. Alliance: Level 1-30 find Marshal Dughan in Goldshire and wait. The leader of this category will be around.
5. Alliance: Level 31-60 meet near Daelyshia in Ashenvale. The leader will be nearby.
6. Alliance: Level 61-80 find Halu in Orebor Harborage. The leader will be close.

Category leaders are the only participants that can receive a list of items in advance. We do not want participants prematurely hunting. So, a list of items will be given on the day of the hunt with a time limit to acquire those items. Groups will return to the same location when the time limit has been reached.

Every item does not need to be found. Items can be found in any of the areas related to the groups level, and will vary in point value according to ease of obtainment.

For example:
*[light feather], can easily be farmed from a number of creatures in Terokkar Forest, would be worth 1 point;
*[feathered sash], can only be farmed from one creature in the Terokkar Forest, would be worth 10 points.
*[tiny green ragdoll], one item will be hidden in the forest, a group member will take a screen shot of item to be submitted at the of the hunt, would be worth 15 points.

When the time is up, all participants must be in the predetermined location to hand in the items for their team. Points will be divvied up per team. Prizes TBA.

Hallows End: The Masquerade

Trying desperately to get The Masquerade complete? Or just looking forward to another chance to hang out with the guild. Either way, we will be having a Guild Event Saturday, october 24th, at 8:00 AM Realm Time. Just be logged in and have any of your wands handy and we will decided where to meet. We may do some trick or treating after.