Guild Images for the Computer History Museum

The WoW Libraries and Librarians Guild on Aerie Peak has been asked to contribute an image to both an exhibit and to the archive of the Computer History Museum!  They want an image of a large, diverse group of character in the guild together, posing interestingly.  The more we can get, the more interesting the photo, the better.

They need our screen shots Monday, so we are going to be meeting in-game this Sunday at noon Pacific time to coordinate the fabulous posing and picture taking.

Additionally, If we get over ten people I’ll be giving ot some fabulous in game prizes.  And if you have fabulous things to give away/share bring them too. Once we get the snaps we’ll commence with the goodie giving.  Pretty good chance we may do a run someplace once we get the snaps done too, but the big reason we are meeting is to help a fellow librarian/archivist and get some pretty sweet coverage of libs on the cutting edge of web interface and online community via WoW.

lmk if you have questions,k ?  Hope to see many of you in-game this Sunday!

Hallows End: The Masquerade

Trying desperately to get The Masquerade complete? Or just looking forward to another chance to hang out with the guild. Either way, we will be having a Guild Event Saturday, october 24th, at 8:00 AM Realm Time. Just be logged in and have any of your wands handy and we will decided where to meet. We may do some trick or treating after.

Extra Life The Marathon

Recalled and Roszmairta did their marathon sessions on Saturday, assisted in part by Questionr and myself. They got to see the wonderful sights of Hellfire Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Scholomance, and a full clear of Stratholme (alas, No Baron Mount). Everyone seems to have a good time and a fair bit of money was raised. Hopefully, next year, we can make it an even bigger and better experience.

Extra Life 2009

Extra Life: Play Games, Heal Kids
Extra Life: Play Games, Heal Kids

Extra Life is a 24-hour gaming marathon to fund pediatric cancer research and treatment. Extra Life 2009 will take place on Saturday, October 17th, 2009 as gamers from all corners of the globe come together for a 24-hour video game marathon raising money to strike a blow against pediatric cancer. Last year, their first year, Extra Life raised more than $120,000 and was put together in just a couple of months. This year, they are starting early and throwing open the doors of Extra Life to anyone who wants to have fun while making a difference.

To get started, visit our team page.

You can also visit these blog posts by guild members.

Recalled (aka Liz Danforth) – Raising funds for the Texas Children’s Hospital

Roszmairta – Guild raising funds to fight cancer in children

We would welcome anyone who wanted to participate by coming to Aerie Peak and playing for the day.

Roszfianna Takes a Holiday

One of our Librarians is Missing! Roszfianna has turned her brief trip to the Bronzebeard Realm into an extended stay. We wish her the very best, of course.

Meanwhile, Holirosz and Sceadua teamed up to battle Sironas and were rewarded for their efforts by the Prophet Velen!

What did your characters do? Head over to the forum and let us know.