The KingSlayers

We were a little late to get credited with a World First, but the guild last night executed our first defeat of Arthas Menethil, better known throughout Azeroth as the Lich King. It is definitely a challenging encounter albeit not as challenging as it once was. But a good time was had by all participants: Ailpein, Gwynhefar, Matoaka, Mayrial, Melvyl, Naco, Qyandri, Roszdhu, Sazbot, and Staychyld.

Congratulations to our first 85s

I am happy to announce that Xerac, Matoaka, and your humble correspondent have all braved the trials and tribulations of the long journey from level 80 to 85. Speaking only for myself, it was a bit more difficult than I anticipated initially but all in all I am happy to have that behind me. And looking forward to getting more characters through very soon.